by Glenn N. Holliman

The Adema and Holliman Families

Grace Holliman, far left, is a great-great grandaughter of  G.W. and Frances Wilson Osborne.  Next to her (left to right) are three of G.W. and Frankie's great-grandchildren, Bob Adema, Glenn N. Holliman (Grace's father) and Peg Adema Noeltner.  Bob and Peg, brother and sister, are descended through Bascom Osborne and Glenn and Grace through Mayme Osborne Stansbery, two of G.W. and Frankie's seven children.  Photo made by Gay Adema in Florida, March 2010.

Glenn, with the help of Grace, is the compiler of this blog and responsible for any errors of commission or omission.  He is a former history teacher and now retired from the Episcopal Church Foundation.  He and his wife, Barbara, live in Newport, Pennsylvania on 15 acres of woodland where they raise free-range cats.

Another Adema member not pictured is Rob Adema, Bog and Gay's son, who has researched the family for years and generously shares information.  A reunion is set with the Ademas late August 2010 to explore further family roots.

Geraldine Stansbery Holliman Feick

My mother (above right) has saved family papers and photos all her life, and with them I have been able to reconstruct the 20th century of the Stansbery and Osborne families.  Her sister, the late Louise Stansbery Sherwood (above left), had saved Frances Wilson Osborne's diary of 1912 - 1940 which has served as a guide to that time period.  The original diary is now in the archives of the Center for Appalachian Studies, Boone, North Carolina.  The photo above is from Bristol, Tennessee, approximately 1940.

The Boone Society web site (
is an outstanding resource with many dedicated officers to assist one in exploring this part of our family tree.  In particular three individuals have provided new and exciting information:  Dorothy Mack, Pat Hagan and Janet de la Pena.  You may contact these individuals through the web site or checking with me.