We Are Also Boones, Part 3

by Glenn N. Holliman

Sources include the Boone Society web site and members; History of the Boone, Bryan and Morgan Families by Roberta Stuart Sims, Shreveport, LA; web site - Daniel Boone, Berks County's Gift to the West; the excellent work, Boone, A Biography by Robert Morgan; and research by Pat Hagan on the Wilcoxson family.

In 1720 Squire Boone, a son of George and Mary Mogridge Boone married Sarah Morgan. Her father was a Welsh American planter of note, one Edward Morgan, my generation's 8th great grandfather.

The family tree below is from Robert Morgan's Boone, A Biography available from Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill, 2008.

Double click to enlarge the document. This reproduction and others are intended for educational purposes only, and not for commercial gain.

The marriage of my 7th great grandparents took place in North Wales in Gwynned Township, where both Welsh and English Quakers had settled. Squire and Sarah first moved to a farm in Bucks County, PA, but finding the community too crowded for a Boone, Squire soon moved to what is now Berks Country, where he bought land adjoining this father, George Boone, the great grandparent who moved the family to America.

In the 1720s, Berks County was the frontier and Blue Mountains, a few miles to the north, were a wall between the Europeans and Indians. The Squire Boones built a house over a spring, as a precaution because of possible Indian attacks. Part of the building still stands and is a historical park near Reading, Pennsylvania.

The map below is from Robert Morgan's work, one of the best recent works on Daniel Boone with considerable information on my generation's 7th and 6th great grandparents. Double click the map and it should become larger. This writer lives 25 miles northwest of Harrisburg, formerly Harris's Ferry.

Squire and Sarah had 11 children, the first being my 6th great grandmother, Sarah Boone, born 4/7/1724 in New Britain Twp., PA. She died 1815 in Madison County, Kentucky.

Sarah, my 6th great grandmother, married John Wilcoxson on May 29, 1742 in Exeter, PA. Some genealogists believe she was with child at marriage. This plus the fact John was not a Quaker led to differences between Squire Boone and his local Quaker Church, difficulties which would eventually lead to Squire leaving the Quaker congregation and, in fact, leaving Pennsylvania!

John's father is believed to be George Wilcox, who lived in Philadelphia, a weaver, who died in 1739. John's mother was Elizabeth Powell, daughter of Rowland Powell from Haverford, Chester Co. The couple married in 1718, and John was born 9/6/1720.

This posting has been full of family tree information. Next posting we will discover more about the Boone family in Pennsylvania....

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