The 2014 Wilson, Greer and Associated Families Forum 2

by Glenn N. Holliman

We continue our reporting of the Wilson-Greer-Osborne and Associated Families Forum in July 2014 in Boone, North Carolina. What follows are informal pictures taken the night of July 18, 2014 at a get together dinner.  Those around the table shared their lineages with me, and over the next postings, we will looking into our shared ancestry.

Below, left to right, are Shirley Marcus, Linda Donnelly, Jackie Farrington, Kathryn Wilson, Gloria Heinburger and her husband, Wilbur, (partially obscured), Wendy Hodges and her father, Gary Hodges, our John Wilcoxson impersonator.

At the head of the table in light purple is Gloria Heimburger, the daughter of Boyd (1911-1972) and Lexie Lawrence Wilson (1912-1982).  Gloria is a grand daughter of Arlie (1885-1956) and Bessie Wilson (1882-1976), who is a daughter of John (1855-1928) and Rebecca Wilson (1862-1954).  John is one of the sons of Isaac (1822-1864) and Caroline Greer Wilson (1828-1911). 

 Below Becky Wilson in her later years. Courtesy of Shirley Sorrell.

As we look at the group photograph, Kathryn Wilson, is to the left of Gloria.  Kathryn is the daughter of Clyde (1912-2006) and Maude (Tincy) Wilson (1917-2010).  Her grandparents are also Bessie and Arlie Wilson who took care of Rebecca (Becky) Wilson in her old age.  Kathryn has inherited a chair owned by Becky and John Wilson. 

The photograph below of Kathryn's and Gloria's grandmother courtesy of Dale Wilson.

Above, Arlie and Bessie Wilson in 1913 ca with two of their children - Boyd, the oldest, with Clyde; below left to right in 1950 are Ernest, Clyde (Kathryn's father), Boyd (Gloria's father), Bessie and Arley Wilson.

Next posting more photographs, lineages and family snapshots from the past and the forum....


The Osborne Family Reunion, Washington State, Part 2

by Glenn N. Holliman

This is part 2 of Jeanie Bond's pictures and copy of the Osborne-Drever family reunion in Skagit County, Washington.  In our last blog, Jeanie shared pictures and history of how William I. Osborne migrated to Sedro-Woolley and built a family. - GNH

The July 2014 reunion by Jeanie Bond, great, great grandaughter of Isaac and Caroline Greer Wilson

 On the far left is Derward H. Osborne, who sadly died about a week after this picture was taken.  Next  is C. Mark Osborne, b. 1919 in Skagit County.  He, along with his wife Juanita Brown-Bass Osborne, beside him, have a home in Texarkana, Texas.  

Note the pictures on the wall behind them.  These are the parents of the above - William I. Osborne (1869-1953) and Waneta T. Drever Osborne (1979-1923) whose children were born in Skagit County.

Above, the next generation, some of the grandchildren, are represented left to right in order of the birth of their parents: Pat Mosher, Bill Osborne, Shirley O'Neill, Dee Grenville, Wayne Osborne and his wife, Tokiko, in front; Peggy Van Allen, Steve Doran and wife Sonja and last, Jeanie Bond, an Osborne family genealogist. 

Sedro-Woolley, which is in Skagit County, Washington lies along I-5 between Seattle and the Canadian border.  Victoria and Vancouver, British Columbia lie just to the  north of Bellingham.

Below, several of the great grandchildren of William and Waneta Osborne, left to right, are Kevin Osborne, Darla Crookshank, Gary Osborne, Gail Wilson, Tadashi Osborne, Cindi Osborne, Steve Vav Allen and Lynn Salter.

Below, are a few of the great, great grandchildren of William and Waneta Osborne: Aidan, Sarah, Torrin, Ava, Jarret, Teagan, Jimmy, Jason, Brent, Elizabeth. Missing from the photo, but present was Jason's wife, Abra.

Below Right, left to right, the latest generation, are the great, great, great grandchildren of William and Waneta Osborne: Laura, Hailey, Hannah who is holding Madeline. As a matter of policy, this blog does not publish the last names of adolescents and children.

The Osborne plot at Union Cemetery, Sedro Woolley, Washington - Every year on the day of the family picnic, Kevin Osborne installs (and later takes up) these flags at the site of each Osborne or Drever grave.  Each flag has several photos and a little history of the individual.  Kevin is another Osborne family history expert.  Way in the background, just barely visible, is the 'pink flag' marking the final resting places for Kevin's father, Jerry Osborne, and his grand parents Lawrence and Eunice Osborne. - Jeanie Bond

Next more on the descendants of the kinfolk who stayed in the mountains of western North Carolina and East Tennessee....

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The Osborne Family Reunion, Washington State, Part 1

by Glenn N. Holliman

The same weekend in July 2014,  the Wilson-Greer-Osborne and associated families were gathering in Boone, North Carolina for a family historical forum, Osborne cousins met for an annual event in Skagit County, Washington.  These cousins are descendants of William I. Osborne who was born at Sutherland, Ashe County, North Carolina in 1869.  He was the oldest child of Richard Franklin 'Frank' (1846-1897) and Nancy Emmaline 'Emma' Wilson Osborne (1850-1919).   

Cousin Jeanie BondOsborne descendant, and I have been exchanging copy and photographs the past few weeks.  This is a two part series - first a bit of history of the family and then scenes from the 2014 reunion.  Some of the following pictures are courtesy of Shirley Sorrell, Clinton Getzinger and Dale Wilson, fellow genealogists whom we are fortunate to have to capture family stories. -GNH

Some History of an Osborne Branch in the Pacific Northwest by Jeanie Bond, great, great grand daughter of Isaac and Carolina Greer Wilson

William I. Osborne's mother, Emma, was the oldest child of Isaac and Nancy Greer Wilson.  Frank and Emma, who met when Frank and G.W. Osborne took refuge in the Wilson home during the Civil War, raised their family on the Green Valley side of the hill where Isaac Wilson's Cemetery is located in Ashe County, North Carolina.  They attended the Sutherland Methodist Church, and what they did not grow, they bought in Trade, Tennessee.  William I. Osborne was the oldest of Frank and Emma's children, and many of his grand nieces and nephews still live in the NC/TN area.

My immediate family believes that William was the first of many who migrated out of the North Carolina mountains to the great Northwest.  Ashe and surrounding counties were  not economically productive enough to support the many offspring of the clans that had pioneered the ridges and valleys in the late 18th and early 19th centuries.
William traveled to Washington State first by himself, but became so homesick that his employer put him on train and sent him home.  Then, just a few years later, he went west again, in the company of his sister Martha Jane (Jenny) Osborne Thomas and her young family. This time, he settled permanently in the Skagit Valley where his seven acres of flat land abutting a partially wooded hill pasture must have reminded him of Mountain City, TN, as it did me and my mother when we traveled east in 1991.  Later, Roby Frank Hardy Osborne joined his brother William I. Osborne in Sedro-Woolley, Washington. 

Below, an advertisement in the Watauga-Democrat of Boone, North Carolina.
With glowing reports of work and available land, it was not long before there were hundreds of “Tar Heel” families logging the hills, farming the flats and producing children. The phone directory for the “Upper Skagit” and Darrington areas read very much the same as one you might find for Trade, or Boone, or Creston, NC. Stout, Forrester, Riddle, Thomas, Wilson, Dunn, Main and, of course Osborne, can be easily be found in either location.

 Below William Isaac Osborne (1869-1953) and his father, Richard Franklin "Frank" Osborn (1846-1897).  The photographer is Hodges of Bristol, Tennessee and the photo MAY have been taken on the occasion of William's first trip to the Pacific Northwest about 1888.  He looks much younger than 19 and may have gone to the Pacific Northwest at a much younger age.  This is the earliest photo of William, and the only known photo of Frank.    

"One sad failing...." The February 4, 1897 Watauga-Democrat ran this article on the death of Richard Frank Osborne, the father of William I. Osborne and many others. Clipping courtesy of Clinton Getzinger, a direct descendant of Frank Osborne.

                   Below are Frank's wife, Emma, their daughter Effie Marilla Osborne
                  Miller with her children Florence Miller and Victor (Dusty) Osborne
                   and on the far right is Frank and Emma’s youngest son, Robert Bruce T.
                  Osborne. They are posed next to Frank and Emma’s home on Brushy Fork
                   Road, Sutherland, NC ca. 1903.

Below right are William I. Osborne (1869-1953) and his wife, Waneta T. Drever Osborne and their children Harry William,  Robert Frank, Hattie Blanche and, the child in christening dress is my Uncle Chester Clarence.  The photo was taken in Sedro Woolley, Washington by Mrs. Pilcher who purchased the studios of Darius Kinsey.  

A later photograph below, the family of William and Waneta Osborne at the home of Waneta's parents, 1917 in Washington State.  Standing in the back are Chester (1907-1986) and Hattie (1903-1923.) Middle row: Lawrence (1909-1988), Waneta (1879-1923) and William (1869-1953).  In front: Helen (1912-1914), Juanita (1917-2009) on her mother's lap, Derward (1916-2014) on his father's lap and Verner (1915-1957).  Not pictured are two older boys, Harry (1899-1986) and R. Frank (1901-1986) who were away working and, the only child surviving today, Cecil Mark was not born until 1919.

Below, this is a photo of the siblings in 1980, the first one that we specifically took photos by generation.  They are, left to right, Cecil Mark, Juanita, Derward, Helen, Lawrence, Chester, R. Frank and Harry. Missing are: Hattie who died in child birth in 1923; Charles who died as an infant, cause unknown, and Verner who died by misadventure in 1957. - Jeanie Bond

Next posting, photographs from the 2014 Osborne Reunion in Washington State....

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