We Are Also Boones, Part 4

by Glenn N. Holliman
(Source for this posting is largely from In the Footsteps of Daniel Boone by Randell Jones. Photos taken from the work published by John J. Blair, Winston-Salem, NC. There is no commercial intent to using these photos; education for family only.)

In our last posting, George Boone moved his family from Devonshire, England to Philadelphia. His many children began to marry, including Squire Boone to Sarah Morgan. This couple had 11 children, the first being Sarah Boone, who in 1743 married outside the Quaker faith to John Wilcoxson. Sarah and John were my generation's 6th great grandparents.

George Boone (my generation's 8th great grandfather) donated land in Oley, Pennsylvania for a log meeting house for the Society of Friends (Quakers) (photo left). Later, Oley was divided into two parts, with the southern portion named Exeter, after the English town where George Boone had sold woven goods a quarter century earlier.

The historian Randell Jones notes the stone in front of the 1759 Quaker Meeting House commemorates both the Boone and Lincoln families. A niece of Squire Boone married one Abraham Lincoln, the grandfather of the future president. This Lincoln would help Daniel Boone blaze the Cumberland Gap Trail. If my analysis is correct then our family (all those of you reading this) share common great grandparents with the Great Emancipator. How about that?! I suppose such makes Ole Abe a distant cousin.

Squire Boone's cabin was only 1.5 miles from the Meeting House about 10 miles east of Reading, Pennsylvania in the Birdsboro area. Below is the stone cellar above which my 7th great grandfather built a log house for his family.

The Boone Homestead of our 7th and 6th great grandparents is operated by the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission. The site is open to visitors and details can be found at http://www.danielboonehomestead.org/. Another excellent site to review our genealogy is http://www.boonesociety.org/. I recently joined the Boone Society and have received much family information from a well-researched group of distant cousins. I recommend the Boone Society for their depth of knowledge and their careful research (and they are nice people).

Next posting, the family leaves the Quaker faith and Pennsylvania....


  1. I've been looking up my boyfriend's family tree and Sarah Boone and John Wilcoxson are my boyfriend's (Jason Wilcoxson)7th great grandparents! Small world, eh?! :)

  2. Enjoyed reading your blog and wanted to share that we are cousins of a certain degree - as my direct ancestor, Mary Boone, is Daniel Boone's aunt. Mary married John Webb of the Webb family known to William Penn. This Boone/Webb line of descendancy intermarried into the Cherokee.
    Thank you for your presentation here and family research!
    ~ G.D.

  3. So interesting!I recently learned that I am Sarah Boone and John Wilcoxson's 7x's great granddaughter and Squire Boone's 8x's great granddaughter,the more I learn,the more my mind is blown.Thank You for researching and writing all of this!

    Christina Harris