Family Lineage

                 One's Generations of Great Grandparents
                                 Relation                                    Greatest Possible Number   
                                 Grandparents (GP)                                       4 
                                Great Grandparents (1 GP)                            8
                                 2 GGP                                                       16
                                 3 GGP                                                       32
                                 4 GGP                                                       64
                                 5 GGP                                                      128
                                 6 GGP                                                      256
                                 7 GGP                                                      512
                                 8 GGP                                                     1,024
                                 9 GGP                                                     2,048
                                10 GGP                                                    4,096
                                11 GGP                                                    8,192
                                12 GGP                                                   16,384
                                13 GGP                                                   32,768
 If 25 years is a generation, than 13 generations is 325 years.  Subtract 325 years from this decade, and one is discussing ancestors from the 1680s.  However, it is rare that one does not have cousins, who do not know they are cousins, marrying.
For my grown children, I know this has happened in their tree (their parents share a common 2 GGP), greatly reducing the number of GGPs for them. - Glenn N. Holliman

The Descendants of G.W. and Frances Wilson Osborne
Sources include the Diary of Frances Osborne, Applachian State University Genealogical Collection and Writings by Geraldine Stansbery Holliman Feick, grand daughter of G.W. and Frances Osborne.

Marion Lee Osborn - D August 31, 1874, age six days (From a printed remembrance.  Probably buried in Wilson Cemetery, Oscar Wilson Cove Road, Ashe Co., North Carolina).

Thomas 'Toby' Miles Osborne - January 26, 1876 -  February 27,1951.  Moved from Bristol, Tennessee to Sumner, Washington in early 1920s.  His children were Eddie Lawrence Osborne, Russell Miller Osborne and Pauline Osborne Smith.  Pauline, a favorite grand daughter of Frankie, married Bennett Winston Smith.  By the late 1930s, they had a son 'Bennie' and later a daughter.  Toby's first wife, Alta Holtsclaw, died August 18, 1933 in Sumner, WA; she had been born August 19, 1878 in Watauga County, NC.  Toby remarried but her name is not known.  Toby died in Seattle, Washington in 1951, a man beset by financial and legal problems.

Leroy Milburn Osborne - B February 17, 1879 - D 2/17/1948).  In the 1910s, Roy lived in Cleveland, Tennessee.  In 1936, his address was 1016 16th Street.  According to his grand daughter, Betty Osborne Price, interviewed October, 2010 at age 85, he owned a trucking company.  His wife was Lena Holtsclaw (m September 17, 1899) D 1948.  They had four children: Ralph Summers Osborne (the father of Betty Osborne Price), Albert Leslie Osborne, Robert Lafayette Osborne and Lucille Osborne.

Bishop L. Osborne - B December 13, 1881 in Ashe County, North Carolina - D June 1965 in Bristol, Tennessee.  Bishop was a multi-talented man.  He worked as an accountant at King's Department Store, but also wrote and published poetry and columns for the local newspaper.  This writer has in his possession a collection of his poems given to me by my mother, which reflect Bishop's patriotic and religious beliefs.  His wife (m 7/13/1907) was Cora E. Broyles Osborne (2/25/1880 - 7/9/1976).  Due to a cleft foot, she always wore long dresses.  They had one son, now deceased, Vivian Randall Osborne (4/27/1908 - 9/6/1974).  All are buried in the family plot at East Hill Cemetery in Bristol.

Eddie C. Osborne - B April 25, 1885 D August 29, 1886, age 1 year and 4 months, 4 days. (From a printed remembrance)  Probably buried in Wilson Cemetery in Ashe Co., NC.

Bascomb Wilson Osborne - B July 5, 1887 - D August 1970)  In the 1910s, lived in Baltimore, Maryland and after the death of his first wife, Dora Catherine Kruger (age 33, buried Woodlawn Cemetery, Baltimore, MD), relocated to Louisville and then Owensboro, Kentucky.  He worked for Brodie Motor Company, a Dodge dealership.  His second wife's name was Ada.  They lived in 1936 at 730 Walnut Street, Owensboro, KY.

 Bascom had three children by his first wife: Bascom K. Osborne, Doris Ethel Osborne Akers and Gladys Pearl Osborne Adema.  Broken emotionally by Dora's sudden death, the three children went to live with their Aunt Pearl Osborne and her husband David Wright in Damascus, Virginia in 1922.  Pearl and David raised the children.

      Bascomb K. Osborne - B 1910 - D 1977.  Joined the U.S. Navy in 1927 as an enlisted man, served in the Pacific during World War II and retired a high ranking officer. 

     Doris Osborne married 'Flea' Akers.  They had a daughter Phyllis Akers and a son Michael Akers.

     Gladys Osborne married Howard Adema from Buffalo, NY and in 1938 lived at 39 W. Balcom Street.  A daughter, Peggy Adema Noeltner and one son, Bob Adema live at least part time in Florida.  Bob and his wife, Gay, spend the summers in Ontario, Canada.  A second son, Alan, has a wife, Pat.

William (Bill) Vestal Osborne - B July 22, 1892 - 1965.  Lived at 1634 7th Avenue, Los Angeles, California in 1938.  He was the used car manager of a Ford dealership, Pico Motors in L.A.  His wife, whom he married 18/10/1920 was Kathern Shields Rader.  They had one daughter, Margaret Shields Osborne, whose nickname was 'Willy".  There is information the family resided in Bristol, Tennessee until moving west in the early 1920s.

Pearl Edna Osborne Wright - B March 1, 1890 in Mast, North Carolina and  D August 20, 1980 in Damascus, Virginia.  She married her husband Robert David Wright on December 20, 1911 in Greenville, TN.  While they had no children themselves, they raised Bascom's three children.  David was in charge of the local electric company and died 12/16/1962

Mayme Osborne Stansbery - B January 16, 1896 - D December 3, 1943. She married Charles S. Stansbery of Afton, Tennessee on April 29, 1914.  They had three children:  Louise Stansbery Sherwood, Charles S. Stansbery, Jr. and Geraldine Stansbery Holliman Feick. 

The Maternal Lineage of Frances Wilson Osborne

Frances Wilson Osborne

Caroline Nancy Greer Wilson (1828, Ashe Co., NC - 1911, Ashe Co., NC), who is the daughter of

Franklin (Frankie) Brown Greer (1810 - 1905, Ashe Co., NC), who is the daughter of

Mary Polly Morris Greer (1787, Yadkin Co., NC - 1880, Ashe Co., NC).

The Descendants of Mayme Osborne Stansbery (1/16/1896 - 12/3/1943) and Charles Skelt Stansbery Sr (12/5/1893 - 11/19/1957)

Frances Louise Stansbery Sherwood (1/27/1915 in Afton, TN - 6/20/2006 in Knoxville, TN), m. Vance R. Sherwood 1941.

Charles S. Stansbery, Jr (nicknamed Red due to his hair color )  (6/15/1918 in Afton, TN - 2006), m. Anne Duthil Smith of Philadelphia, PA in 1943.

Patricia Geraldine Stansbery Holliman Feick  m. H. Bishop Holliman, June 26, 1945 in Philadelphia; m. The Rev. Donald Feick, June 1989 in Shippensburg, PA.

The Children of Charles Skelt Stansbery Sr and Lucy Lee Barkley (11/111912 - 6/25/1978)

Anne Stansbery (1935 - 1936) in Afton, TN.  A twin sister died at birth.

Nancy Stansbery Higginbotham

Jean Stansbery Dobbs (3/1944 - 9/9/1999), Buried at Stone Dam Road Methodist Church next to her father.

The Parents, Brothers and Sisters of Charles Skelt Stansbery Sr.

Parents:  William Luther Stansbery (4/29,1861 at Hopewell, Knox County, TN - 4/9/1943 in Afton, TN).  Annie Eliza McCray Stansbery (12/20/1863 at Jonesboro, TN - 1/11/1936), m. 1/1/1884. Annie died when her night gown ignited as she stood next to an open fireplace in her home.

 William's father was Pryor Lee Stansbery, an Union Civil War veteran.  An earlier grandfather was a N.C. Revolutionary War veteran, Luke Stansbery, incarcerated by the British in Charleston, SC in 1780.  The Stansberys immigrated to Maryland in the 1660s after several generations in the Netherlands.  Originally from England, probably Devonshire.  (Note:  My first wife, Lynn Draper Armstrong (5/28/1946) and this writer share a common great-great grandfather, Pryor Lee Stansbery who is buried at the New Hope Baptist Cemetery in Knoxville, TN.)


Margaret Edith Stansbery (10/15/1884 - 10/26/1954) in Bristol, VA.  Married Roe Williams, 5/19/1907.  One son, J.C. Williams.

George Lee Stansbery (11/14/1886 - 9/25/1965 in Jefferson City, TN.)  M. Annie Lee Stansbery 12/20/1906, one son and two girls.

James Arthur Stansbery (12/19/1888 - 6/14/1969 in Virginia). M. Nellie Homes 3/4/1914.

Fred Walker Stansbery (5/9/1891 - 5/27/1969 in Greenville, TN).  M. Flor Eunice Dennis (11/11/1891 in Bristol, VA.) M. 9/10/1913.

Charles Skelt Stansbery Sr. (12/5/1893 - 11/19/1957 in Afton, TN).  M. Mayme Tarrence Osborne 4/29/1914 and who died 12/3/1943 in Philadelphia, PA of a abdominal infection.  Buried in East Hill Cemetery, Bristol, TN.  The couple divorced in 1933.  Charles is buried in Afton, TN in the Stone Dam Road Methodist Church cemetery with his second wife, Lucy Lee Barkley Stansbery and daughter Jean Stansbery Dobbs.  Charles Stansbery is this writer's grandfather.

William Cecil Stansbery (12/15/1896 0 d. ?).  Was a doctor in Cleveland, TN.  M. Etta Mayers Henley, 9/20/1925.  They had one son, a dentist and one daughter.

Harry Price Stansbery (12/14/1899 - D ?).  Lived in Georgia as of 1981.  M. Zola Rymer 6/18/1924.

Selma R. Stansbery (4/10/1902 and died two days later.)

Eva Kate Stansbery (9/10/1903 - 1979 or 1980 in Afton, TN).  M. Guy Williamson 14/14/1922, one son Guy, Jr.

Descendants of Vance R.  and Louise Stansbery Sherwood

Vance R. Sherwood, Jr.

Descendants of Charles S. and Anne Duthil Stansbery

Susan Stansbery MacKenzie

The Children of Susan Stansbery MacKenzie

A. Roxanne Hayes
B. Gavin Stansbery

Descendants of Patricia Geraldine Stansbery Holliman Feick and H. Bishop Holliman 

1996 photo of Glenn Holliman, Rebecca Payne Holliman and Alice Holliman Murphy, the three children of Geraldine Stansbery Holliman Feick and Bishop Holliman

1. Glenn N. Holliman

2. Rebecca Louise Holliman Payne

3. Alice Lynn Holliman Murphy

The Descendants of Bascomb Wilson (1887 - 1970) and Dorothy Catherine Kruegar Osborne (1889 - 1922)


1. Bascomb Krueger Osborne (3/19/1910 - 2/1977)  M. Edith Stineau (1907 - 1987).  One daughter - Virginia Marie Osborne (1941 - 1995), no children. M. to Adrian Hagen and James Maltis.

2. Doris Ethyl Osborne (2/25/1912 - 7/1987) M. Elmer Fickle Akers (1909 - 1976). Two children - Phyllis Anne Akers  and David George Akers .

3. Gladys Pearle Osborne (6/10/1913) m. Howard Maynard Adema (8/31/1909 in Buffalo, NY - 4/7/1984 in Florida).  Children from this marriage were:

A. Robert Howard Adema  m. Gayle Elizabeth Maischoss  in Buffalo, NY.

B. Alan Adema

C.Margaret 'Peg' Adema Noeltner

The Descendants of George Boone 
Sources are The Boone Society, Inc. ( and Greer Family Records.

Last English Generation: George Boone (1636 - 1696) m. Sarah Oppy (1628 - 1708) Buried at St. Magdelene Parish, Stoke Canon, Devonshire.  George was a blacksmith and had at least three children, one being George Boone Jr.  George and Sarah Oppy Boone were my generation's 9th great grandparents (9th GGP).

First American Generation:  A son, George Boone, one who would immigrate to the New World. (3/19/1666 - 7/27/1744).  Born at Stoke Canon and worked as a weaver.  M. Mary Mogridge on 8/16/1689, who was born in Bradninch, 8 miles from Exeter in 1669.  Daughter of John Mogridge and Mary Milton. Mary died 2/21740.  Both buried in Friends Burying Ground in Exeter Township, Pennsylvania.  Mary had been baptised at St. Disen's Church on Sept. 23, 1668.  George and Mary Mogridge were my generation's 8th great grandparents (8th GGP).

Second Generation:  Squire Boone (B 11/25/1696), baptised at St. Disen's Church, Bradninch, Devonshire, England.  Squire m. Sarah Morgan on July 23, 1720 at the Gwynned Meeting of Quakers, Berks Co, PA.  Squire died 1/2/1765 and Sarah in 1777.  Both buried at Mocksville, North Carolina in Old Joppa Cemetery. Sarah b 1700 at Bala Wales, PA. Her father, Edward Morgan b at Bela Coty, Wales or at Bolas Merionethshire, Wales.  Moved to 'Welsh Tract" at Gwynedd, Montgomery Co., PA shortly after 1691 and before 1704.  D 1724 at Gwynedd, PA.  A tailor.  Wife Elizabeth Jarman.  Squire and Sarah Morgan Boone were my 7th great grandparents (7th GGP).

Third Generation: Sarah  Boone b 6/7/1724, the first of eleven children at New Britain Twp., PA.  She died 1815  Madison Co., KY at the home of a daughter Elizabeth Cutbirth.    Her brother Daniel, b 10/22/1734, was the 6th child of Squire and Sarah Morgan Boone.  Sarah m. John Wilcoxson on 5/29/1742 at Exeter, PA.  John b 9/6/1720 at either Cossa Notts, England or at Berks Co., PA.  Death date uncertain but not killed by an Indian on 2/3/1782 near Bryant's station, KY as some web sites state.  John and Sarah Boone Wilcoxson were my 6th GGP.  John's parent's, George and Elizabeth Powell Wilcoxson were my 7th GGP.

Fourth Generation: The first born of Sarah Boone and John Wilcoxson, Nancy Wilcoxson (3/17/1743 - d 10/3/1790) married Benjamin Greer (2/9/1746 - 10/23/1816).  Nancy and Benjamin were my generation's 5th GGP.

Fifth Generation: The sixth born of the frontier fighter Benjamin Greer and Nancy was Jesse Greer, Sr. (11/14/1778 - 89/20/1860) who eloped in 1800 with 13 year old, Mary Polly Morris (naughty boy).  However the marriage did well - 17 children!  Jesse and Mary Morris were my 4th GGP.  A lot of distant cousins from this generation!

Sixth Generation: Born on  12/16/1806 was Jesse Greer, Jr.  He was present when his son-in-law, Isaac Wilson, was bushwhacked in June 1864.  His wife was a strong woman in her own right, Frances Brown Wilson ( 11/16/1810 - 12/2/1905) who fought Union troops herself in 1864. Jesse Jr. died 2/11/1892.  Jesse and Frances Brown Wilson were my 3rd GGP.

Seventh Generation:  Caroline Greer Wilson (12/10/1828 - 3/25/1911) and her husband Isaac (1822 - 1864) are the parents of Frances Wilson Osborne, this writers great-grandmother. Isaac and Caroline Greer Wilsons were my 2nd GGP.
Eight Generation:  Frances Wilson Osborne (1851 - 1940) and George Washington Osborne (1846 - 1927) will raise seven children to maturity.  They are Toby, Roy, Bishop, Bascom, Bill, Pearl and Mayme Osborne.  Mayme is this writer's grandmother.

The Descendants of James Grear (Greer)
Sources are the Notebook of the Jesse Greer Family, Genealogy Collection, Appalachian State University and the Greer Genealogical Website at

Scottish Generation: Roger Grierson, the 8th Lord of Lag, married Helena Douglas  (b before 1560 - d 1578),   Roger was born ca 1520 and died August 1593).  Roger and Helena were my 11th GGP.

Scottish Generation:  My generation's 10th GGP were Sir William Grierson, 9th Lord of Lag, and Nicola Maxwell (b ca 1578). Sir William was born between 1567 and 1575 and died January 21, 1629. Nicola was the daughter of William Maxwell, Lord Herries, my 11th GGF.  Sir William and Nicola married May 9, 1593.

Last Scottish Generation:  Sir James Grier was born 1604 and died 1666 in Dumfries, Scotland.  His wife was Mary Browne, b. ca 1604 at Glencairn, Dumfriesshire, Scotland.  This couple are my 9th GGP.  They married ca 1626.  John ( b ca 1570 at Glencairne, Dumfries) and Sarah Hope Browne (b ca 1570), the parents of Mary Browne are my 10th GGP.

First American Generation: My generation's 8th great grandfatherJames Grear (1627 - 1688 ca) of Dumfries, Scotland was transported on November 2, 1675 by Samuel Gibbons to Maryland; statement signed by the Roman Catholic proprietor, Governor Charles Calvert, grandson of the founder, Lord Baltimore.  James Grear, Jr. marries circa 1680 or 1688 Ann Taylor (1662 - 1716), daughter of Arthur Taylor and Margaret Hill Taylor.  James dies perhaps 1688. Ann dies May 13, 1716. Arthur Taylor's father is named John Taylor.  Ann Taylor is my generation's 8th GGM.

Second Generation: John Greer, Sr. born ca. 1688 along Gunpowder River, Maryland.  He marries Sarah Day, daughter of Nicholas and Sarah Day at St. John's Anglican Parish March 4, 1704 at Joppa.  John Sr. dies 1752 in Onslow Country, North Carolina. Sarah, John's wife, probably died before 1747.  They are my generation's 7th GGP. Sarah is the daughter of Nicholas Day and Sarah Lowe, my 8th GGP.  John Sr. would marry a second time between 1745 - 1750 to Chloe Jones.

Third Generation: John Greer, Jr. born ca 1714 on the Gunpowder River. His first wife was Sarah Ann Elliott, and they are the parents of Benjamin Greer.   They married in 1736 at St. John's Parish, Joppa, Maryland.  His 2nd wife was Nancy Anne Lowe Walker, b. 1714.  In 1756, John Jr. moved to North Carolina.  He died May 1782 in Wilkes Country, North Carolina. John Greer Jr. and Sarah Ann Elliott are my generation's 6th GGP.

Fourth Generation:  Benjamin Greer born February 9, 1746 in Albemarle County (Charlottesville area), Virginia.  Benjamin marries Nancy Wilcoxson in 1767.  Nancy died October 31, 1790.  Benjamin died October 23, 1816 at Green River, Kentucky.  Benjamin and Nancy are my 5th GGP.

Fifth Generation: Jesse Greer Sr. born November 14, 1778 in Wilkes County, North Carolina and died September 20, 1869.  He married 13 year old Mary Polly Morris on January 17, 1800.  She died in Ashe County, NC February 29, 1880.  Mary's parents were Henry and Mary Morris.  This prolific couple who produced 17 children, are my 4th GGP.  Henry and Mary Morris are my 5th GGP.

Sixth Generation: Jesse Greer Jr. born December 16, 1806 in Ashe County, North Carolina.  His future wife, Francis (Frankie) Brown born December 16, 1810 at Ashe County.  They married 1826.  Jesse Greer, Jr. and Francis Brown Greer are my generation's 3rd GGP.

Seventh Generation: Caroline Nancy Greer born December 10, 1828.  Her future husband, Isaac Wilson, borne December 16, 1822.  She and Isaac marry March 25, 1849.  Isaac is killed June 1864; Caroline survives until 1911.  Issac and Caroline are my generation's 2nd GGP.

Eight Generation:  My generation's great grandmother born in 1851, Frances Wilson who will marry G.W. Osborne in 1867.  He dies in 1928 and Frankie lives until 1940.  G.W. and Frankie are my Great Grandparents.

The Descendants of John Taylor
Sources include LDS ancestral File and the Greer Genealogical Website at roots

First American  Generation: John Taylor (1629 - 1675) married a woman named Margaret (b 1629 in England), unknown last name.  John and Margaret are my generation's 10th GGF. John was born in England and died in Baltimore Co., Maryland.

Second Generation: Arthur Taylor (? - 1687) married Margaret Hill (1629 ca - 1678), daughter of Roger Hill (b 1610) in 1658 in Baltimore Co., Maryland.  Born in England,  Margaret died at Baltimore Co., Maryland.  Arthur and Margaret Hill Taylor are my 9th GGP.

Third Generation: Ann Taylor was born 1662 in Maryland, married James Greer ca 1682 and died May 13, 1716.  She married three times, and is my 8th  GGM.  After my 8th GGF died she married Lawrence Richardson and Oliver Harriott.

The Descendants of Nicholas Day
Sources include LDS ancestral File and the Greer Genealogical Website at roots

Last Welsh Generation: ??

First American Generation: Nicholas Day born in Wales, died 1704 in Baltimore Co., Maryland.  His wife was Sarah Lowe. They are my 8th GGP.

Second Generation: Sarah Day (1686 ca - ca 1747) was born Baltimore Co., Maryland, and married John Greer, Jr. on March 4, 1704 at the original St. John's Parish in what is now the Edgeworth Officer's Club at Aberdeen Proving Ground.  Sarah and John Greer, Sr. are my 7th GGP.

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